Affordable Solid Wood Furniture

Find the perfect piece, at the perfect price.

... it's that simple

Interior design is no longer just for the elite. More and more people are looking for high-quality pieces instead of throwaway designs, but too often high-end furniture comes with high price tags. We believe in making investment pieces affordable for everyone, which is why we’ve come up with our innovative business model.

By sourcing our designs directly from the craftsmen who create them, we cut out the middleman. Bypassing brands and distributors means that not only do we get to work more closely with our suppliers, we also don’t pay any unnecessary fees or transport costs – and we’re able to pass those savings along to our customers. Because of the way we work, we’re able to offer our pieces at half the typical high street price.

On top of a 50% saving off the typical high street price, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to make our process more efficient and keep our prices as low as possible. One IconByDesign innovation is our pre-ordering option. When you choose to pre-order your furniture, we can send it straight from the craftsman’s studio to your address. That way, we cut out further transport and warehouse costs, and are able to offer you an extra 20% discount off the Buy Now price.

Of course, for your furniture to be a true investment, we also need to think about the future. While budget materials such as veneered MDF may be tempting in the short term, any savings are usually spent and doubled over time thanks to repairs and replacements.

Because of our commitment to primary use solid oak and walnut and only working with skilled craftsmen, we’re able to create pieces that are great value in both the long term and short. From concept to design to delivery, we keep affordability in mind at every stage to make sure that you find the perfect piece at the perfect price.

Browse our range of sustainable solid wood furniture on our website or at our showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney. Book a Video Consultation if you can't visit our stores or book an appointment with one of our Interior Design specialists for further assistance. Home delivery Australia wide.

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