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At Icon By Design, our key design influence is Scandinavian since we identify with its ethos of clean lines, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our solid timber furniture is designed to be timeless; this means it adapts seamlessly to a variety of interior styles from Scandi homes with light-filled interiors and neutral, natural furnishings to eclectic boho-chic apartments furnished with vibrant textural accessories or modern abodes with contemporary decor. Whether it’s pairing one of our beautifully crafted tables like the Magnus or the Axel with a set of solid oak Astrid dining chairs in your dining room, or adding storage to your home office – hello, Jonas bookshelf and Bruno chest of drawers – our furniture fits right in with your lifestyle. Our furniture becomes an integral part of your home as your story unfolds. How about the Jolanda bed or a set of Arne Vodder bedside tables in your bedroom, seating options like the Plank or Franz armchairs paired with the Frida nesting tables in your reading nook or the Svend entertainment unit in your living area? It’s furniture that’s effortless, elegant, easy.

Which brings us to the question: what exactly is Scandivanian style? To put it simply, Scandinavian style is a Nordic aesthetic marked by minimalism and functionality. You probably recognise its key elements – white walls, pale wooden floors and minimalist furniture. The concept of Scandinavian design took root thanks to the talent and genius of designers like Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto, Eero Arnio and Ingvar Kamprad (yes, the founder of IKEA). This style that has impacted nearly every aspect of design since the early 1950s.

Let’s start with a geography lesson: The area of Scandinavia emcompasses the European countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark (with Finland and Denmark often included). After World War II, new democratic social ideas were sweeping through Europe. Designers sought to reverse old ideas around beauty and status, stating that things that were previously only afforded by the upper classes should be available and affordable to the masses.

This new Scandinavian approach combined beauty, simplicity and functionality. Scandi style is characterised by clean lines and simple yet well-crafted joinery. The beauty and integrity of a piece lying in its simplicity and how well it was made. Form follows function. Most of all Scandinavian style is uncluttered and simple, giving the entire space the cozy feeling known as Hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah"). The harsh Scandinavian winters meant that their homes’ interiors were designed to maximise natural light, resulting in a colour palette that is largely white, pale neutrals and light-coloured timber. People prized utility and simplicity above elaborate decoration in their homes.

Almost 70 years later, the Scandinavian aesthetic still holds strong for its simple yet structurally solid style. And we at Icon By Design are proud to be a part of it.

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