Product Spotlight: Otto Dining Table (Solid Oak)

The Otto range of dining tables have been designed to be both beautiful and hard wearing with a highly durable, clear lacquer, satin finish. However, all lacquer finishes may be susceptible to water damage if the water is left on the table for long periods, especially if the water is very hot. We recommend the use of coasters or table mats if spillage is an inevitable issue. If the table is wiped off after each use, it can be safely used without any coverings.

Absolutely no Veneered MDF has been used on this product. All the wood is solid timber - American Oak or Walnut. This makes these pieces far stronger, heavier and of a much higher quality. Solid Timber is relatively easy to repair should it get chipped or damaged unlike a veneered surface. Solid Timber is more robust for wearing surfaces such as a table top, and the joints will withstand greater impacts or abuse.

Safe for use in any indoor environment. There is absolutely no reason why these pieces cannot remain in use with your family for decades or generations to come. 

The Otto range of dining tables offers the following dimensions and seating, including two extension options: 

  • American Oak (130-180x80x75cm) - seats up to 6 people unextended and 8 people when extended
  • American Oak (190-240x100x75cm) - seats up to 8 people unextended and 10 people when extended
  • American Oak (140x80x75cm) - seats up to 6 people
  • American Oak (160x90x75cm) - seats up to 8 people
  • American Oak (180x80x75cm) - seats up to 8 people
  • American Walnut (180x100x75cm) - seats up to 8 people
  • American Oak (200x100x75cm) - seats up to 8 people
  • American Oak (240x110x75cm) - seats up to 10 people
  • American Oak (280x110x75cm) - seats up to 12 people

Initial Concept

The initial concept for the Otto range of dining tables was - versatility. We understand that dining tables today are used for so much more than the evening meal. They are where homework is done, where work from home is conducted, where we connect, we chat, and we create memories. 

They also need to provide a place for everyone - whether our families are a couple, a small family, a larger family or a family made up of friends. For these reasons, the Otto dining tables can seat from 6 to 12 people and will last for generations. 

The Otto dining tables are timeless, affordable craftsmanship developed from five generations of furniture makers. Our furniture is a product of the collaborative efforts between our artisan partners and our in-house designers. It is inspiring to watch these craftsmen; their technique, their passion, their attention to detail is apparent in every piece we produce. 

Sourcing of Materials

We work with selected suppliers to keep damaging materials out of our products. We only use sustainably sourced oak and walnut from forests in America. We’ve selected the wood for its quality and longevity, and by sourcing it from sustainably harvested forests, we can make sure that our impact is minimised.

By making sure our woods come from sustainably sourced forests in the USA, we can make sure that our pieces are as perfect for the planet as they are for your home. By working together with farmers, designers and suppliers, we can make sure that the beauty of today isn’t borrowed against the beauty of tomorrow.

What to Furnish With?

Regardless of the length or timber type of Otto dining table you choose, it will match seamlessly with the Icon By Design’s Astrid dining chairs and the Jolanda console table. If you purchase additional dining chairs - for when you extend your dining table or have extra guests - they will never look cluttered or out of place in other areas of your home (or the dining room) since they are statement pieces in their own right. Using the console table is the perfect way to create a distinct dining area if you are short of space or live in a more open-plan home. 

The combination of Otto dining table, Astrid dining chairs and Jolanda console table - all available in both American Oak and Walnut - will ensure you have a stylish, functional and family-friendly dining room or space to come home to and create memories in. It’s also a simple way to inject Scandi or Mid-Century Modern design into your home. 

The Astrid dining chairs pair perfectly with any of the Otto dining tables - and they are available in both Oak or Walnut so regardless of the dining table timber type you choose, you’ll have the chairs to match. These Scandi-inspired dining chairs have been designed to be long lasting and comfortable, encouraging your dinner guests to linger longer. 

The seats themselves are available in natural timber, or upholstered in cream or black top grain leather or various fabric colours. Match them to the rest of your decor to create a truly elegant and welcoming dining space. 

Sleek, contemporary and minimal, our Scandinavian and Mid Century styled Jolanda console table is the perfect addition to your dining room and complement to an Otto dining table. This statement piece ticks all the boxes - with a drawer to hide placemats, table runners away when not in use, a shelf to display accessories, and a clean top surface to create an at-home buffet - this will elevate dining at your place. Just imagine how much more elegant family dinners at your house will be. 

Made from solid oak or walnut timbers that showcase a natural patina, this is a luxurious console table design at a perfect price. Our Jolanda console table provides both function and flair to any smaller space and larger family home.

Who is Icon By Design?

At Icon By Design, we don’t think we should spend our brief time on earth making disposable things. So we build our furniture to last a long time, with a focus on natural, sustainable materials and craftsmanship. And we design our furniture to be minimal, elegant and timeless. Because we believe if you build a piece of furniture that is timeless, the moments that happen around it will be timeless as well. The furniture will hold an emotional value, above and beyond the dollar value. We’re not just making furniture, we’re making conversations and moments. We’re making our relationships richer. We’re making our moments more memorable. It’s not a table, it’s Boxing Day 2021. It’s not a media shelf, it’s “Kind of Blue” on a winter’s night. It’s not a chair, it’s the way your daughter sits when studying. Icon By Design isn’t simply a place where quality furniture is created. It’s where stories are made.


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