All About The Eina Handmade Jacquard Wool Rug

A statement rug packed with eye-catching style and a touch of glamor is what every home needs. Our iconic Eina Hand Made Jacquard Wool Rug brings artisanal craftsmanship, sophistication, and unbeatable beauty to the table, making it the ideal choice for any home.

What Makes the IconByDesign Eina Hand Made Jacquard Wool Rug So Special?

The perfect rug will really pull a room together, ensuring the look you’ve worked so hard to create has exactly the impact you want. IconByDesign have some of the world’s best handmade rugs for you to enjoy.

What is Jacquard Weave?

A jacquard weave is found on rugs that are loomed, with every warp thread used separately to create a texture it’s hard to beat. You can easily pull together different shades, and even different colors and types, of yarn with this weave, creating a unique rug that catches the eye.

Why Choose a Wool Rug?

Wool has always been a stand-out choice for rugs, but why? Not only is it all-natural, soft to the touch, with a luxurious feel, but it holds up fantastically to traffic. We use a polyester blend in this rug to ensure event texture and color, and provide a little extra durability too.

The Handmade Touch

IconByDesign connects you with skilled Indian tradespeople. We’ve created a curated rug collection that brings all the beauty of a handmade creation without any of the worry or inconsistency. Every piece has something special to offer, making your home a unique statement.

Natural and Ethical

If you want a sustainable rug you can trust, with reduced static and fantastic good looks, you’ve found your match. If you’re trying to build an eco-friendly home that supports genuine tradespeople, without sacrificing trusted good looks, this is the rug for you.

Keep Your IconByDesign Eina Hand Made Jacquard Wool Rug Fresh for a Lifetime

The gentle polyester blend in this wool rug ensures an eye-catching rug that’s able to stand up to wear and tear and traffic without worries. However, a little care goes a long way! If you want an extra layer of protection, add a fabric protector to the mix.

Care for the fibers with a regular vacuum, keeping the wool fluffy and free of damaging debris. Plus, it will reduce allergens for sensitive noses!

We suggest getting into the habit of turning your rugs regularly. Not only does this distribute wear-and-tear more evenly, but it wards off the potential of sun bleaching. Remember that bright daylight is very harsh on upholstery, so try to avoid bright patches on your rug for the longest possible lifespan.

Read more on our Rug Care Guide

What Can I Pair My IconByDesign Eina Handmade Jacquard Wool Rug With?

This stand-out rug in exquisite ivory will work in any room of your home, but it makes a beautiful addition to a sleek, minimalist bedroom that’s still packed with warmth and cozy welcome. If you’d like to try the look out for yourself, why not add these beauties to your haul?

Pairing #1: Anya King-Sized Bed Frame

Light, elegant, and clean, this is a bed frame that makes a subtle statement. Dress it up or down, however your tastes run- it looks good and will last a lifetime.

Pairing #2: Bruno 4-Drawer Chest

Compact enough to work as a bedside stand or a storage unit, the Bruno 4-Drawer chest holds its own in any bedroom. Clean, sleek and minimalist, with plenty of style, you’ll fall in love.

Pairing #3: Arne 6-Drawer Tallboy

Keep your intimates intimate, and stylish too. With a unique curved detail on the front, this tallboy is an eye-catching addition to any bedroom, keeping sleek elegance and classic style close at hand.

About IconByDesign

Mid Century, Scandinavian & Nordic Solid Timber Furniture with a twist, that’s the IconByDesign promise. Straight from the craftspeople who create these exquisite pieces, right to your door. This means we can pass the savings on to you, letting you add luxury to your home for less.

If you’re looking for classy furniture made to traditional standards, but with added modern flair, look no further. Our carefully curated collection is fresh, different, and packed with quality.

Whether you want to evoke bygone glamor or create an iconic minimalist look of your own, we have what you need.

The IconByDesign Hilmar Hand Made Jacquard Wool Rug will add a touch of softness and style to any home, so why not try it out today?

Any more questions about our new rug collection? Head over to our Rug FAQs


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