The perfect handcrafted rug can turn any room into an oasis of luxury that breathes tranquillity and sophistication. Rugs are pieces of art that stir up the vibes of a space in the most decadent manner and connect all the elements of the room together in a beautiful display of creativity. A rug adds movement, colour, style and character to the room. Choosing the right rug is an important part of creating a room that is absolutely stunning and undeniably elegant.

Everything boils down to whether you want your handmade rug to be the hero or the supporting actor of your space. If the rug is meant to be the showstopping centrepiece then the elements of the room need to come together in a cohesive way that highlights the beauty of the rug without distracting attention away from it. If the rug is meant to balance out the space, select colours and themes that harmonise with the room. 

Choosing a new rug for your living space, if done correctly can revamp the entire ambience of the room and potentially transform it into a brand new space. Sometimes trying new things can be a good thing, if your old rug was monochrome, think about introducing a soft touch of colour from the pastel palette. If your space is an explosion of colours, choosing a rug from the neutral family can add equilibrium and the right amount of warmth.  Avoid placing pure black or white rugs in spaces where there’s a lot of movement as stains can show up fairly quickly. In low traffic areas these rugs can really shine.

Matching the rug to the floor is also crucial. If you want to bring out the best of both elements, then complementary colours are a must. Warm woods mesh well with warmer colours, such as amber, rust and golds.  Lighter woods flow with beiges, greys, and whites.

Most of your furniture needs to rest on the floor rug, so play safe by going bigger.  Use the layout of the room as a reference point to mark out the orientation of the rug. Using tape to chalk out how you want your rug to look helps with giving you a realistic idea of the outcome. The rug is the anchor of the room, grounding the pieces together, so choosing a smaller rug will not just shrink down your space but also make it appear cramped and small.

Experimenting with different patterns and textures leads to interesting looks that can not just spark your imagination but are functional as well. Rugs that are thicker and plush, can absorb sounds and change the acoustics of a room. Certain patterns such as diagonals and squares are handy in camouflaging stains.  You can choose themes such as boho, coastal or minimalist and find a rug that embodies the personality of the aesthetic you desire.

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